Friday, May 26, 2006

Tool Show

I saw TooL a week ago in Phoenix and it was an amazing experience as was expected! It was at a small venue and it was a more intimate experience than some of the other shows I have been to. This was the tenth time I have seen TooL and it really was a very different experience. I am a few years older and the band is a few years older and I guess that changes both of our perspectives. It truly was a religious experience for me as all of their shows have been and I feel like I did not leave the show the same as when I showed up. It got me to thinking... when was the last time I really felt like that after a church service? I can't help wondering what is missing in the connection between church and God and how do we recapture it, because I believe that once upon a time it was a lot more of a cathartic experience to worship God. If I am getting more out of a concert than the church, I'm sure other people are too and now I continue my search to figure out how to make the church relevant again!