Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My February Newsletter article

All of you have a generous spirit and it warms my heart to be in community with you. It is in this spirit that I say that we have the opportunity to make a difference in our surrounding area spreading out into the world. The church is a place that should be making the world better and we have the opportunity to do more and more of this as we grow spiritually and all become leaders for God. I think about Jesus and how much time he spent around the poor. Then I look at my own life and ask the same question, while getting a very different answer. When I lived in Atlanta I spent a lot of time with the homeless and developed a program that assisted many poverty stricken individuals… all run by middle school and high school students. When I think of what they did, I can only fathom what we can do as a church. This begins with me and I am putting more effort into developing relationships with the poor and homeless in our community. In addition to that our church is going to put together a leadership team that is going to meet once a month and learn how to develop our own leadership gifts as well as lead the church together. The people on this team will not only grow as leaders but will empower each person in our church to lead as well. This church is going to be a leader in the community bringing God’s kingdom to earth. I can see the wonderful things we do and now it is time to begin to take it to the next level. If you are interested in being on this leadership team, please take a moment and let me know, priority will be given to those people that contact me with the desire to take this church where God desires it to be. If there are not enough people contacting me, I will begin to contact you and we will put this together to begin the next 100 years of making disciples and serving God together.