Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New House

So I got approved for my mortgage and I'm gonna close on a new house on Friday! I'm really excited! Makes me think of this song...

Friday, August 01, 2008

book review: "My Beautiful Idol" by Pete Gall

out of 5

This book was very well written and kept my attention very well. It made me want to keep on reading. I was a little disappointed at the sudden ending that kind of let me down. The entire book seemed to build up to something that never happened. It kind of fast forwards at the end and seems like time is going at one consistent speed throughout the book and then boom, it speeds up a bunch at the end.

The way that this book is written helps the reader to identify and empathize with the author. It does a great job going behind the scenes and explaining why things happen and what feelings surround actions, rather than leaving the reader to wonder or to draw his own conclusions. I really felt for the guy. The theology that he seemed to assume was quite different from my theology and it kind of bothered me that he just kind of assumed it was the right way to think. I kind of felt that he was pushing his theology on the reader just by assuming so much, but the book was so well written, I got over that. The book left me wondering if perhaps some of the hard-line theology was partially responsible for some of what happened to the author. I wonder if he thought about some things differently, perhaps things may have turned out differently.

All in all, I thought that this was an enjoyable book to read. I liked it and it really provided a good understanding of many social problems. It shows that when you get to know people, you see their problems differently. You can learn to see people as people rather than seeing people as problems.