Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Learning about me

This is what my personality test said about me... its the DISC test if that means anything to anyone. Seems to be a pretty accurate description in a lot of ways!


Aggressive, persuasive, active, and extremely independent: all these characterize you as an entrepreneur. You are a supreme individualist: confident, energetic, and persistent. You are incurably venturesome and will try anything once. Your desire for power is combined with a stubborn determination to control both events and people. You act decisively and positively, usually moving ahead without consultation or conference. Your impatience results in quick reactions, virtually instant boredom, and an itch for greener pastures. You are versatile, flexible, and self-motivated, with a great sense of urgency and a high tolerance for pressure.

You are hard-driving, sociable (on your own terms), alert, and very sure of yourself. In daily activities, you tend to charge ahead against resistance and opposition. You view restraints as a challenge to getting the quick results you want. You value freedom more than equality and want room to operate. You are most effective where innovation, experimentation, and results are important, and where there are few rules and guidelines.

You dislike corporate structures and controls unless you do the organizing and controlling. As a subordinate, you tend to be a maverick. You may usurp power, overstep bounds, and want to do it your way. You are often critical of supervisors and you resent criticism of your actions. As a young person, you are likely to move from job to job looking for the right challenge.

You can often be a challenge to manage. You must be given as much freedom as possible to run things your way, but you must also be made to understand that limits to your authority do exist. You are ambitious and want to move quickly toward greater responsibility. You work best for a positive, competent, friendly supervisor with whom you can honestly and openly discuss what is expected on a no-holds-barred basis.


You can be impulsive and feel the need to attract attention. You reach out to people and initiate contact with them easily and smoothly. Your contagious optimism, instant enthusiasm, and spontaneous persuasiveness are geared to win people over, and you often succeed.

Gets Results

You are impatient for quick results and can have an instinctive drive for power. You react quickly, are easily bored and respond well to challenge. You are versatile, flexible, self-motivated, urgent, and sometimes irritable. You can withstand pressure and exert pressure on others. Critical and dissatisfied, you are comfortable with shifting goals, new projects, and innovative methods.


You are very sure of yourself. You need, and usually have, supreme confidence in your own ability. You prefer to act with others to get what you want. You can be stubborn in a friendly way, dominate a social situation, and smile while arguing the point. You display an effusive independence, and if people reject you or your ideas, you may reject them in return.


You thrive on opposition; you will take a strong stand and fight for it. You are determined to do things your way. Frank, honest, and direct, you can take over, act positively, and move without consultation. You are usually well respected when things are going well, and you are right most of the time. When a shortfall occurs, someone will usually identify your rashness as the reason.