Monday, March 03, 2008

My First Movie Review: Juno

These will soon be more creative, but for now I am going to start reviewing movies because as someone recently pointed out to me, "Good movies are the literature of our time." I recently saw "Juno" and the more I think about it, the more I like it.

1. This presented a very real view of sex and pregnancy that was based on reality, not some horror story or some romantic view. It was a great and realistic balance.

2. This was a movie that people can relate to, that shined a light into the mystery of what makes up Generation Y. The characters were very real and likable and it made the movie very enjoyable.

3. It was straight up funny! The dialogue was brilliant and believable and funny in a way that many movies aren't. It was like Napoleon Dynamite funny, without the stupid stuff (don't get me wrong, Napoleon Dynamite was super funny and I like stupid humor, I was just making the distinction).

4. It really had some good lessons in it and the girl was super cool! Really... she is one character that I seriously look up to and wish I was more like. You may laugh, but just check out the movie and see if you don't agree...


Rick said...

Something Awful's parody of the dialogue was funny .

Anonymous said...

I messed up the tags. Just click on my name for the link.

Dave Carrol said...

Just did one myself actually!

Really cool movie