Friday, November 25, 2011

Stories Developing Next 2 the Tracks #2

I have found that some of the greatest opportunities to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ seem to develop when I am playing with my band (Next 2 the Tracks), promoting my band, or connecting with other bands. I want to share some stories and hopefully these will resonate with you in a way that helps us all to see God working and playing more in the world and discovering what we can do to join God in what is already being done....

We played a show in Deming, NM once. We decided we need to do that more often, as well as visit other small towns that often get overlooked by rock bands. We played at this small brewery in the middle of town that was very cool. People were there watching college football and by the end of the night we attracted quite a crowd. We hung out as long as we could before we had to rush to Las Cruces to play another show but it was really cool to connect to the people of Deming. In bigger towns where rock bands play all the time, people can take it for granted, but not in Deming. People were so overjoyed that we would come to their town and play music there. They even asked us why we were there. I talked to the bartender about his hopes and dreams and what he wanted to do. He was very willing to share his personal life and we had a great talk about life and the future. There was another couple there that were older than our normal crowd, but they loved our music and were very anxious to see when they could come and hang out again. The rest of the band talked to a lot of other people and we kind of had to rush to get out of there, but when people and places are often overlooked, it is very meaningful when they are included and appreciated. Israel was a very small community of people that was often overlooked, but God used the underdog to show the presence and promises of God to the world. This small group of people was the community that Jesus was born out into and who’s traditions and practices have helped to for what the church is today. Who do you see as an underdog, and how can you include them?

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