Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Times are changing and as the cultures continues to move forward we have no choice but to pay attention and learn from the world around us as we help to create the culture of the future. If the Church is behind the culture, the culture will certainly not be looking to the church for guidance into the future. The Chipotle Restaurant recently put out a great video that illustrates where the world has come and where it is going.

We must learn from this and see what direction the world is moving in and we must embrace it as the Church as we strive to move forward. We have to look back past the 1950's, the 1920's, the 1800's the 1700's to the Ancient World to learn about how to adapt to the future world. History cycles and we are in the middle of a cycle. The current cycle we are in goes back farther than what we remember. Phyllis Tickle writes in her book, "The Great Emergence," that every 500 years or so the culture goes through a kind of yard sale where we get rid of some things but we find treasures in the attic that we forgot we had. We must embrace the ancient past and adapt it to the future to have a voice in what the future is gong to be. Let's look back to discover and create the future together!

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