Saturday, July 07, 2007

License to Wed

So I was watching the movie "License to Wed" the other day and something occurred to me. It was a pretty funny movie, although kinda cheezy as you might expect. The thing that got me was that this minister pretty much dedicated an entire three weeks to this one couple as if there was no other responsibilities that he had in the church. Now, I know this was just a movie but I really think that some people think this is the way things should be. It's funny how some people in the church see pastors and think they don't have anything else going on or any life outside of the church, or even outside of their lives. I try to always make people feel special, like they are the only ones that I am dealing with at any given moment... and I guess that takes on a reality of its own sometimes. This movie helped put that in perspective for me and I noticed things about this issue that I hadn't noticed before! It's a funny film, I recommend it!

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