Friday, July 13, 2007

Man Church

I have been looking with some colleagues, at this idea of a "man church" that is springing up. In this "church," men over 18 seek to take back church because it, as well as clergy, has become too feminized. I read something today that might shed some light on this idea. I wonder if this is just another modern vs. post-modern reaction. Heath White writes in Post-Modernism 101, "the modern era emphasized reason at the expense of qualities like emotion and intuition, and the reason/emotion dichotomy was often thought to be embodied in the distinction between the sexes--men more rational, women more emotional--so that men were the preferred gender. In contrast, the post-modern era has seen a reaction against this tendency to exalt reason and denigrate women." I wonder if this shift is at least part of what is causing reactions like the "man church."

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