Friday, February 19, 2010

Egypt Day 11

Well, we had a new security guard today, so I guess that means going sans security was not in the plan. This dude was way nicer and he though Dara was my mom, LOL! The pyramids are amazing! We saw them first thing as well as the Sphinx. It was easily one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life. The dudes selling things there were buggin, though. I think I'm gonna send my kids here when they are young for an internship in selling cheap crap! It will be nice for them to earn a little money to support themselves :-) We saw how Papyrus was made and saw these awesome paintings on papyrus. It was very cool. The rest of the day we traveled to the airport and flew down south where the Nile River starts, or at least where we can catch a boat. Geography has never been my strong suit. We got to the boat and are here for the rest of the night. I went up on the top deck and watched the sunset. It is nice to relax for a night. Last night, I sat outside at the resort we were at and chilled for a long time. It was tough getting up early this morning. We have an early morning tomorrow too, so I may try to sleep a bit early, but it is very nice to just have time to relax before 7 or 8 at night.

The boat is super nice and has all sorts of stuff like a pool and hot tub and stuff. I have a lot to explore, but I know that there is some cool Egyptian party in the near future, one night soon! It's been a long trip and today I was thinking about home and am starting to get ready to come home. This has been an amazing trip... I would even say life changing. I honestly think that every Christian should try to get to the Holy Land at least once in their life. It has completely blown my mind and changed my perspective. I think it could have a huge impact on a lot of people. One thing I notice today is that I haven't seem a Muslim praying since I have been here. The Minaret's have been sounding prayers 5 times a day and I see tons of people in Muslim garb, but they just keep doing whatever they are doing when the prayers sound. If I get a chance, I am going to ask one about it before I leave. I wonder if Muslims have gotten kind of lax about some of those things, like Christians have gotten kind of lax about things like fasting, tithing, etc. in America. I know that this isn't true of everyone, but it seems like it is generally true. I have seen tons of effects of globalization with the fast food industry since I have been here, and this could be yet another effect. I realize today that I have really been away from most media for some time now and I don't know much about what is going on in the world, i'll have to catch up when i get back.

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